Um, Is Jared Leto Cutting All Of His Hair Off Right This Second?

UPDATE (3/2/15, 2:22 p.m. ET): Jared Leto is officially clean-shaven.

David Ayer shared another photo and while we can't see the length of JL's hair, his face is beard-free. Give us the hair, David, please—we need to see it!

In January, it came to our attention that Jared Leto was probably going to have to part with his beautiful, perfect locks for an upcoming role, namely as the Joker in Suicide Squad. Well, we're sad to announce, that day looks like it's finally upon us. A moment of silence, please.

It all began last night, with Jared tweeting this photo, which highlights his hairy face/head and an ominous "Tick Tock" caption. Can we also take a moment to acknowledge how good Jared Leto appears to be at Snapchat? I can barely take a photo, let alone decorate it like this. Bowing 4eva.

Then came this tweet, which says, sadly, "I miss my beard already." Wow, Jared, way to break our hearts even further.

Apparently, he was suggesting things to do with his hair other than—IDK—throw it away, which included burying it and making hair balls. Whatever helps you get through this, Jared. We'll support your decision.

And then, there came this tweet from David Ayer, Suicide Squad's writer and director, with some scissors dangerously close to a ponytail. It may be in black and white, but we'd recognize that hair anywhere.

People are, inevitably, sharing their sadness on Twitter using #RIPJaredLetosHair, though there is still not actual confirmation that his hair is, indeed, RIP. We are eagerly awaiting photos of the new 'do—gahhhh.

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