'Vampire Diaries' Star Sara Canning Plays Nina Dobrev's Aunt, But Feels Like Her Sister

We always felt like Elena's (Nina Dobrev) 30-something aunt on "Vampire Diaries," Jenna Sommers (Sara Canning) looked way too young for her character. Well, turns out, that's because she is...really young in fact.

Sara told MTV News that while she plays Elena's much older guardian on the show, in real life the two girls are only a little more than a year apart. In other words, they're practically the same age!

"It's a really funny dynamic you know?" said Sara. "It's an interesting challenge and stuff."

We can imagine! While acting 10 years older than her actual age might not come so naturally to Sara, she certainly doesn't need to rehearse being good friends and roomies with Nina (the two were sharing an apartment the last time we checked!).

"It's funny because Nina is one of my closest friends and she really, she kind of feels like a sister on set. So, that famly dynamic has kind of developed. It's fun."

Do you think Aunt Jenna looked younger than her years on "Vampire Diaries"?