Niall Is Going Brunette And Louis Is Getting A ‘Big Belly’ During One Direction’s Break

Directioners, don't worry: 'We will be coming back.'

After four tours and five albums, One Direction are ready for their break.

Just a few days before their new album, Made In The A.M. (November 13), drops, the group -- Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry -- sat down with Fabulous magazine and opened up about what they plan on doing during their hiatus, Zayn's departure and Louis' plan to have a "big belly."

Here's everything we learned from their new and revealing interview.

It's not over.


Just in case it wasn't clear during their recent interviews or in their fan-dedicated song, "History," they are not breaking up.

“It’s not over. And yes, we’re taking a break, but we need one," Liam said. "We have done four tours, five albums, but we will be coming back. We don’t want this to end."

Zayn leaving only made them stronger.

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2013 American Music Awards - Show

When Zayn decided to leave the band for a "normal life," it, of course, was "really, really hard," but it ended up having a positive effect on the remaining foursome.

"One thing that was good is that it made us really bond," Harry said. "It made us look at what we had and really know we wanted to keep it. It also made us really focus on making the best album we could. You go through so much together as a band that no one really understands, but ultimately it just makes you closer."

They've done some cool stuff.

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One Direction Performs On ABC'

Being the biggest band in the world, they've had a lot of memorable moments, like playing Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Garden.

Louis might have a belly.



Louis, who is expecting his first child with Briana Jungwirth, isn't planning on being very active during the band's extended break since he's "naturally very lazy."

"I’m going to get a big fat belly," he said. "I’m going to be 24 soon and all these pies are going to catch up on me. You’re going to see photos of me with a big belly."

Niall's getting tatted-up.


Niall Horan

Unlike the rest of the boys, Niall has steered clear of tattoos, but now that the band will be spending some time apart he's going to get something that reminds him of his bandmates.

"All of the lads have got this weird tattoo of a Phillips screwdriver on their ankle. I’d like to say it means something deep, but it’s just a tattoo everyone likes," Niall said. "I’m going to brand myself with that one, and it will remind me of the lads, so they’ll be with me wherever I go."

Liam plans to catch up on his movies.


Liam Payne - One Direction

For his break time, Liam just wants some time to catch up on some old movies...including his own.

“For me, I just want to have a space where I can let everything sink in. I haven’t even seen all the films we made ['This Is Us' and 'Where We Are']. I’m literally going to be sitting down watching the movies, watching the concerts, saying: ‘Hey, we did that,’" Liam said. "I know I also need to make up a lot of time with my mum. I’m not the best communicator, so I need to sort it out."

Harry's got a date with Walter White.


Harry Styles

Harry's plans are to "keep busy" and to see his mates, but is also questioning whether or not he should catch up on TV shows like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad." Here's my advice Hazza: YES!

Niall's going backpacking as a brunette.


Even though Niall's spent the last four years on tour, he wants to get right back on the road and travel, but he won't be doing it luxury style or with his signature blonde hair (possibly).

"I want to go back to Australia and definitely Thailand. With the band, we stayed in luxury hotels, but I want to see these countries like any lad of my age, just staying in hostels and that sort of thing. I don’t want to stay at a Four Seasons. I’ve done that, I want something else," he said. "I did think about dying my hair brown so I won’t get recognized, but I genuinely believe that if I’m on my own with my mates from home, no one will give me a second look."

Louis isn't looking for 1D's next competition.

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Louis is heading back to where it all began on the "X Factor" helping his boss Simon Cowell find some new talent, but don't worry -- none of them will be competing with 1D.

"I love Simon and I love being part of [the show]. It’s quite emotional for me. I sit there thinking: ‘This show gave this boy from Donny a chance to have the most incredible life.’ No other show in the world would have done that," Louis said. "I’m not going to be looking for any competition. We’re coming back. No one is going to get in the way of 1D."

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