Destiny's Child Solo CDs Won't Compete With Group, Each Other

The three members of Destiny's Child might be independent women, but they're hoping their upcoming individual projects will further their already stellar interdependent career.

Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams say that in the coming year, they'll drop solo albums simultaneously, which they hope will boost interest in Destiny's Child.

"We are negotiating solo projects for all three of us," Beyoncé Knowles said earlier this week. "They're all going to come out at the same time. We're going to all do different types of music and support each other's album. Basically, they're not going to compete with each other. And we'll come back and do another album for Destiny's Child, and hopefully it will broaden our audience, so it will help us all out."

No solo deal has been signed yet, said Knowles, who added that she was surprised to read a recent report that she'd inked a three-record contract for herself.

The trio are recording their follow-up to the multi-platinum The Writing's on the Wall (1999). Though the members originally planned to call the album Independent Women, after their #1 "Charlie's Angels" theme song, Knowles said they have settled on an even more fitting title.

"The next album will be called Survivors, because we believe we are survivors," she said, referring to the turmoil that has coincided with Destiny's Child's success in 2000. The Houston group began as a quartet, but earlier this year, members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson were replaced by Williams and Farrah Franklin. Franklin lasted only five months.

Knowles said she believes that "nothing that happens is negative," and that the changes have only made Destiny's Child stronger.

The group is considering a February 13 release for the album, while the LP's first single, titled "Survivor," will appear in January. Knowles wrote and produced the song.

"She's been writing the majority of the album," Williams said. "She's the hit-maker."

Destiny's Child are working on such a tight schedule to complete the album, they'll only have one day to celebrate the holidays.

"We'll be working until the day of Christmas, and then the day after we're back in the studio," Knowles said.

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