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Channing Tatum Gives Us An Exclusive Sneak Peek At 'The Book of Life'

An exclusive peek, straight from the mtvU Fandom Awards!

MTV has your first look at your next big (animated) adventure: "The Book of Life."

We (and Diego Luna and Channing Tatum) rolled out the first sneak peek at the family film during the mtvU Fandom Awards at San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday (July 27), but in case you missed it (or in case you want to watch it over and over again), here's some brand new footage from the animated adventure comedy:

The story, which director Jorge Gutierrez describes as one man's journey to be "reunited with the love of his life," finds Manolo (voiced by Luna) traveling through magical realms to return to his Maria (Zoe Saldana), who is also being pursed by Joaquin (Tatum).

"We're here tonight because behind each fandom there's a great story," Luna said before presenting the clip.

"And Comic-Con is the place where these stories about love, adventure, and the impossible come to life," Tatum continued, before jumping right in to footage from the fantastical world of "Book of Life."

Check out the footage above for some can't miss scenes from the film, but especially for Tatum's jealousy towards his character for having a rad mustache.

"The Book of Life" hits theaters on October 17.

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