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Garth Brooks To Release Rock Concept Album

Garth Brooks will use his budding film career to reach out to non-country music fans with a new rock concept album, "In the Life of Chris Gaines." The record will be released as part of the pre-production buildup for the upcoming Babyface-produced film, "The Lamb.

The Lamb" is described as a thriller surrounding the life and times of international rock star Chris Gaines, whom Brooks will portray. To help develop the role, Brooks has composed an album of Gaines' greatest hits as a means of introducing the character to potential filmgoers, as the record is due out in October while the movie is not expected to start shooting until next summer.

The 14 tracks on "In the Life" bridge the musical styles of the '80s and the '90s, with influences ranging from the country-tinged John Mellencamp to the slightly more alternative Paul Westerberg.

The album was produced by Don Was, who said that "Garth has accomplished a feat of Herculean proportions. He has summoned up the

long-gone thrill of innovation, adventure, and risk that was once the foundation of rock and roll music.

After releasing "In the Life of Chris Gaines," Brooks is tentatively planning on recording another album under his new rock nom de plume. That record would be entitled "The Lamb" and directly tie in to the movie, which screenwriter Jeb Stuart is currently working on.

Brooks will release "Lost in You" as the first single from "In the Life of Chris Gaines" in August.