'Valentine's Day' Cast Challenges 'Twilight' Cast To A Dance-Off

'Taylor's gonna have to ref it,' Anne Hathaway says of castmember Taylor Lautner choosing sides.

[movieperson id="373803"]Taylor Lautner[/movieperson] stars in both the "Twilight Saga" and [movie id="430417"]"Valentine's Day"[/movie] -- and the cast of the latter are not scared to challenge the cast of the former to a friendly dance-off. Anne Hathaway was very vocal about her desire to serve her co-star's other cast on the dance floor.

"I want a 'Valentine's Day'/ 'Twilight' dance-off," Hathaway told MTV News. " 'Twilight,' what's up?" It seems that her idea even intrigued Topher Grace, who is also down with meeting up with the "Twilight" crew on the dance floor. "I challenge you to a dance-off -- music of your choice," Grace added.

But there's only one problem: What team does Taylor dance on? Does he go with the lovestruck "Valentine's Day" crew or does he stick with the otherworldly members of Team "Twilight"? It's like Team Jacob versus Team Edward all over again. Well, it seems that there is one easy fix in this new conundrum. "I was just gonna say, what is Taylor gonna do?" Hathaway asked. "Taylor's gonna have to ref it."

While Hathaway would like for Lautner to referee the match, Grace would actually like to take him on move by move. "He's, like, a nice werewolf. I'll take him in a dance-off any day. He's, like, a moral werewolf," he joked about Lautner's character in the "Twilight" flicks. "['Valentine's Day' star] Taylor Swift gets to make the music choice ... Lautner refs. He's doing backflips and stuff. You name the place and the time. We'll be there."

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