Melissa McCarthy to Threepeat with Paul Feig for 'Susan Cooper'

Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig are now two for two on successful movie matchings thanks to "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat," so now they're ready to take their money-making machine working relationship to the next level, a méfílme à trois.

For those who don't read semi-comedically butchered French, that loosely translates to they're re-teaming for a threefer, and the project which has brought the dynamic duo together again is Feig's own script, "Susan Cooper."

Per The Wrap, which broke the news of their coming reunion, the film is set to be a lady spy comedy in the vein of his "Heat" but also largely inspired by Daniel Craig's first "James Bond" turn, "Casino Royale."

There are still a few details to hammer out with this thing — namely, working around McCarthy's schedule for her TV show, "Mike & Molly" — but assuming all the kinks get worked through, McCarthy'll be tearing it up as the femme 007 in no time.

Though McCarthy's was one of several supporting characters in the '11 smash hit "Bridesmaids," her standout hilarity earned her noms at the Oscars, BAFTAs and a slew of other critical prize circles that usually tend to overlook comedy films and actors. Not to mention, the thing earned $288 million worldwide and solidified a place for girl comedies on the movie market. "The Heat," by the way, has had a not-so-shabby take itself with $156 million in the month since its opening.

Of course, McCarthy shares those successes with her co-stars in the two films, whereas "Susan Cooper" looks as if it will give this actress-director pair a chance to see if her solo-ing it up on the big screen is just as lucrative.

One thing's for sure ... we really hope they get a new poster guy for this one.