Jesse Williams Spills The Beans On His 'Bane Chronicles' Voice Gig

Here's the bad news, you guys: This commentary from Jesse Williams on his experience narrating the "Bane Chronicles" audiobook does not include actual live footage of Jesse Williams' beautiful man face. BUT! It includes plenty of Jesse Williams' beautiful man voice--and a super-cute picture of him behind the scenes wearing headphones and a hoodie, so we'll take it.

Jesse is the voice behind the brand new audio release of "The Bane Chronicles: What Really Happened In Peru," and in this clip, he talks about his stint as a narrator, the challenge of trying something new, his great respect for the work of authors Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan, and what he likes best about Magnus Bane.

"Because there's just so much drama and tension on 'Grey's Anatomy,' it's refreshing to do something a little lighter, funnier, a little more varied," Jesse said of the opportunity to read "The Bane Chronicles." And while this is the actor's first foray into this type of voice work, he says that he's by no means new to the wonderful world of young-adult literature.

"Storybooks were always a big part of my imagination, and my childhood and adolescence," he explained. "It's nice to be the storyteller in a different way."

And in addition to praising the great writing in "The Bane Chronicles," Jesse also said that he got a real kick out of the book's main man: Magnus Bane, the cavalier warlock who cameos in every book from Cassanda Clare's Shadowhunter series. (Hint: For the serious actor, it's the character's "devil-may-care attitude" that won him over.) Want to hear all Jesse's thoughts on his first outing in the audiobook world? You know what to do!

Would you buy this audiobook just to hear Jesse Williams reading it?

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