Juliana Hatfield Keeps Busy With Two LPs, Tour

Boston-based singer-songwriter and alt-rock veteran Juliana Hatfield will be hitting the road in May to support not one, but two new albums.

Beautiful Creature" will released under Hatfield's name proper on May 16, while a second record, "Total System Failure," credited to Juliana's Pony, will hit stores on the same day. Both discs will be on Zoe Records, an offshoot of Rounder Records.

It's a little complicated," Hatfield told MTV News of her double-disc situation. "'Beautiful Creature' is a bit more mellow, but it is 'the Juliana Hatfield record.' Juliana's Pony is a little side project band, and that [album is] more rock. It's harder, maybe a little more fun. Well, they're both really fun, actually.

A whole bunch of different people played on 'Beautiful Creature,' and a bunch of different producers and studios as well," Hatfield explained. "David Garza played a bunch of different stuff on it. He played some bass, and guitar and some piano, and

he co-produced some of it. My friend Damon Richardson, who played with Hayden, played some drums on it. He's really good. [Jack Drag drummer] Jason Sutter played some drums on it as well.

The other album, 'Total System Failure,' is sort of a power trio." Hatfield said. "It's more of a band. Me on guitar and vocals, [Weezer's] Mikey Welsh on bass, and Zephan Courtney on drums.

On her upcoming tour, Hatfield plans to use an all-new band and feature material from both new albums.

The band that I have live will do some of the 'Pony' stuff, probably, but it's mostly going to focus on the 'Beautiful Creature' stuff," Hatfield noted. "The record label is still not sure what album they will work a single [from]. They may work both at the same time, but I'm pretty sure they will focus on a song from 'Beautiful Creature' called 'Somebody Is Waiting For Me.'

From her early touring days in the late '80s with former group the Blake Babies through the '90s,

Hatfield had steadily toured and attracted an audience that she feels continues to evolve.

Every tour I do, I get the feeling that I have turned on a few new people, who had no idea or no interest, or thought they didn't like my stuff," Hatfield said. "I get the sense that people bring their friends who might have thought they didn't like me but get dragged along, and they actually end up liking it. I get a lot of people who come back and say, 'Wow, I never really knew that you were doing that, and I really like it.'

I think that I'm better live than before, and... God, I hate praising myself, but I think the live thing is a lot different than my old records, which is all some people know," she said. "I think the live thing is a lot richer, and deeper, maybe.

In the last year, Hatfield has certainly been busy. In addition to recording "Beautiful Creature" and "Total System Failure," she also found time to work on a new project with her old group, the Blake


We made a record a couple for months ago," Hatfield said. "I think it was Freda's idea [Freda Love, drummer for Blake Babies, Antenna, and The Mysteries Of Life]. She called us up, and we all had a little timeframe when we weren't doing anything, so we went to Indiana to record.

John Strohm [guitarist for Blake Babies, Antenna, and occasional Lemonhead] came up from Alabama," Hatfield continued. "Evan [Dando] came out too, and he played some guitar and some bass and some vocals, and contributed a song he wrote with Ben Lee. It was a really cool thing. John and I came up with some songs that we started working on through the mail.

We don't know who is going to put the record out or when," she added. "We are going to work on that when my record is done.

I think there are more people interested in the Blake Babies now than when it was actually happening," Hatfield offers. "We are all keen on touring a little bit when the record comes out,

so we'll see.

Despite her ambitious studio output of the last year, the singer-songwriter still is looking forward to getting back on the road.

I think that you can really ever understand or know a band or artist or whatever until you see them live," Hatfield concludes. "The live thing captures a completely different kind of energy than being in the studio, at least for me.

To catch Juliana Hatfield on the road, here's where to go:

  • 5/25 - Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
  • 5/26 - Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebros II
  • 5/27 - Toronto, ON @ Lees Palace
  • 5/28 - London, ON @ The Embassy
  • 5/30 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Rosebud
  • 5/31 - Columbus, OH @ Little Brothers
  • 6/1 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
  • 6/2 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
  • 6/3 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
  • 6/4 - Madison, WI @ The Annex
  • 6/5 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
  • 6/7 - Denver, CO @ Lion's Lair
  • 6/9 - Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Café
  • 6/10 -

Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom

  • 6/12 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
  • 6/13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour