Demi Lovato Did A Scary-Good Zombie. 'Walking Dead' Producers, ARE YOU LISTENING? (PHOTOS)

Demi Lovato dressed up as a bloodied and bruised dead zombie for halloween!

Somebody get this girl a Band-Aid!

For some people, Halloween is code for "the only time you can dress in a skanky provocative outfit and not be judged."

And while that's one acceptable Halloween route (sort of), these days we're more interested in people who take Halloween to a truly scary place. Like, those who really commit to the Halloween fear factor.

That in mind, please behold: Demi Lovato dressed as a bloody and bruised zombie! Somebody get this girl a part on "The Walking Dead," STAT! (Or just some brains.)

Check out more photos of Demi Lovato's zombie costume after the jump.

The "Let It Go" singer took to Twitter to share her horrifyingly realistic costume, along with a hysterical caption referencing her "Camp Rock" smash, "This Is Me": "This is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now...."

And as if that wasn't enough, Demi also shared a juicy Halloween #TBT of her dressed in a VERY similar zombie costume as a kid! "So I guess things never change....... #halloween," Demi added.

So, yeah, are you listening, "Walking Dead" producers?? Because we just found your next big STAHHHH. Her résumé is pure zombie gold! She can sing, she can act, AND she can grunt and bite! You can thank us later. Preferably in small bills.

Demi Lovato dressed up as a bloodied dead zombie for halloween!

Even as a kid, Demi was all about those scary-ass Halloween costumes!

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Photo credit: @ddlovato