EXCLUSIVE: OK Go Reveal How That Trippy 'The Writing's On The Wall' Video Works

They've launched an interactive website that breaks it down.

A magician might not be likely to reveal his/her tricks, but a music-ian, on the other hand... OK Go gave MTV News an exclusive peek at everything that went into their truly magical video for "The Writing's On The Wall," and now you, too, can parse every section of the optical illusion-packed affair.

OK Go are true masters of the music video, but their most recent effort just might take the cake: it was filmed all in one continuous take and includes scores of tricks of the eye that likely left the millions of people who viewed it scratching their heads. (It had MTV nodding ours -- the video was nominated for two VMAs: Best Direction and Best Visual Effects.)

In order to help fans navigate the vid, however, the band has released an interactive website that shows how every illusion in "The Writing's On The Wall" was constructed.

Prepare to lose the rest of your afternoon, guys. You can check out two behind-the-scenes videos below as well.

A peek behind the curtain...

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