'Sons Of Anarchy': Kim Coates Teases Venus, Violence, And Forgiveness For Gemma

Tig tells us all about his role in the "Final Ride."

While watching the violent, explosive premiere of "Sons of Anarchy's" last season, we were faced with approximately eight zillion questions. (But we narrowed them down to seven.) Many of these questions involved the seemingly inevitable fates of Juice (Theo Rossi) and Gemma (Katey Sagal), who both betrayed their club spectacularly through various f--ked up Moments of Mayhem, but there's one in-the-know party who says we shouldn't count them out just yet: Kim Coates, the man behind SAMCRO's fiercely loyal Tig Trager.

"He would [forgive Gemma]," Coates told MTV News over the phone. "If we think about six seasons of Tig Trager, he was always bullets before brains. It should be brains before bullets. Tig has done wrong things at the wrong time by accident, and I think... if Tig were to find out that Gemma took out Tara, there would be an unbelievable sadness, but he's been in that world. He's lived in that world. He's been in those positions where he's killed the wrong person."


SONS OF ANARCHY -- Pictured: Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller. CR: James Minchin/FX

If this sounds crazy to you then, well, you clearly haven't been keeping up with "Sons of Anarchy." Trager ran over an important rival's daughter at the end of season four, accidentally murdered club member Opie's wife Donna during season one, and ... well, the list goes on and on. So it makes sense when Coates also says that Tig would "absolutely not" kill Juice if the two men were alone in a dark alley.

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However, there is one club member whose actions might rub Tig the wrong way -- its president, Jax, who is currently starting a bloody war over some very false pretenses. A war that Tig, and everybody else involved, doesn't seem to understand why they're fighting.

"Tig, more so now than ever, is on the outside looking in," Coates continued. "Jax and Tig are always looking at each other. There is trust there, but it's not as close as [Mark] Boone’s character with Jax, or even Chibs with Jax... Tig still doesn't truly know where Jax's head is at. I don't think Jax knows where Jax's head is at. This season is a big discovery for Tig, trying to find his place in this club. The past has been huge for him, and I don't know what the future is."



Tig's long term future is definitely a giant question mark -- "Sons" creator Kurt Sutter said two club members will die by the time the season is over -- but his immediate future is a bit more clear. MTV News has screened the show's first three episodes, and the "Bohemian Rhapsody"-tuned violence we saw in the premiere is nothing compared with what will go down tonight and next week. Which is insanely frustrating, because Jax's murder spree is entirely based on one giant-forked lie told by his mother, Gemma.

"There were moments in the first five or six shows where Charlie and I would look at each other and go, 'Wait, what's happening? What are we doing now? What just went down?'" Coates said, confirming once and for all that we're not the only ones who sometimes don't know who is being killed, or why, on "Sons of Anarchy."

"It's just so fast," he added. "Guns are out, and they're a'blazing. If someone would just tell the truth for once, and not have a secret or a lie for once, none of this would happen. If Gemma would just fess up, everyone would be safe. But she doesn't, or she won't. So we're just killing everybody."

Basically, everyone in Northern California needs to watch out, because the boys of Charming are on a rampage. Actually, scratch that: everyone in Northern California minus Venus Van Dam should watch out, because everyone's favorite transgender escort is back, and we all know that Tig would never, ever hurt her.



"Venus is back," Coates said. "She's back. When Walton Goggins and I get to do stuff, the commitment that we both have... He and I just giggle when the scenes are over, at the fun that we get to have in the craziest scenarios. Two married-with-children guys. It's an amazing time that Sutter has given he and I. I don't know what's going to happen with us in the last five episodes, but so far so good."

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