Kristin Cavallari's 'Dancing With The Stars' Rehearsal 'Sweaty But Fun'

'I don't have any dance experience, so this is very new for me,' former 'Hills' starlet tells MTV News.

Kristin Cavallari may not have started out as a dancer, but she's definitely a quick learner.

On the [article id="1671026"]season 13 debut of "Dancing With the Stars"[/article] last week, the 24-year-old former "Hills" and "Laguna Beach" starlet wowed the judges and audiences alike when she shook her way through the cha-cha, proving she has more to offer than just reality-TV drama. MTV News caught up with "DWTS" pro Mark Ballas and the former reality bad girl, who stressed the show's grueling (but fun) rehearsal schedule.

"Mark and I have been rehearsing since 8 in the morning, which Mark's not very happy about," the blond bombshell confessed. "But it's been a good day. We're getting a lot done. We've been here for five hours almost, so we're a little sweaty, but it's been fun."

"I'm not a morning person at all," Ballas reaffirmed.

Even though Cavallari nabbed a respectable score during the season premiere (19/30), the starlet told us she's not used to all the showstopping choreography. "I don't have any dance experience, so this is very new for me. I'm out of my element here. The only style of dance I would do is like bop around at a club," she laughed.

Coming off a rough year, which includes a [article id="1667838"]broken engagement[/article], Cavallari said she's "having a lot of fun" in rehearsals, particularly learning the quickstep, which she'll be performing on Monday night's (September 26) episode. There is another dance on her bucket list as well.

"I'm looking forward to learning how to salsa dance. That's something I've always wanted to do," she said. "Dancers ... how they way they carry themselves is just completely different than how we do it in our everyday lives. They're just very free with their bodies, which I'm not very used to, although with the quickstep, I have to be very in frame and strong."

Ballas is also intent on helping the reality star build up her physique, saying, "We're working on core muscles, trying to get those abs rocking."

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