'The Walking Dead'’s Morgan Brutally Broke His No-Kill Mantra

Obvious spoilers ahead

Out with the new Morgan and in with the old one.

The vindictive Morgan (Lennie James) was back on last night's (March 12) episode of The Walking Dead, "Bury Me Here." After his extended kumbaya about not killing anymore, he finally reached his breaking point and snapped.

Richard (Karl Makinen) had come up with a ~brilliant~ plan: Sabotage the Kingdom's supply drop to the Saviors with the expectation that this would actually get him killed — thus giving Ezekiel (Khary Payton) the push he needed to finally fight Negan's men. The whole thing, unsurprisingly, went to hell. Sweet, innocent Benjamin (Logan Miller) was shot and eventually bled out, while Richard remained very much alive.

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead

Having flashbacks of his dead son, Duane, coupled with the loss of his surrogate son, Benjamin, Morgan returned to his old way of handling problems: He strangled Richard with his bare hands while members of the Kingdom and the Saviors watched in utter horror.

At least Miller is taking his character's death in stride.

It'll be interesting to see how this affects Morgan in the long run. It seems safe to assume the floodgates have opened and he won't be returning to his old "killing is bad" ways anytime soon, but who can really say at this point? These characters have been through so much, it's surprising more haven't snapped like this.

Furthermore, Morgan finally clued Carol (Melissa McBride) in on what went down when the squad first met Negan. We're now two for two for passive characters reverting back to their aggressive roles. There's a war brewing, after all.

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