Travel Around Westeros Using These 'Game Of Thrones' Subway Maps

Getting around Westeros isn't easy. The King's Road is the most direct route to get from Winterfell in the North to King's Landing, but it's not always safe; there are bandits, thieves and, worse still, Lannister loyalists to fear.

If only there was a better way of getting around. Well, with some input from designer Michael Tyznik, there is: A Westeros transit system, positing what rail transport would look like in the world of "Game of Thrones."

Michael Tyznik


With Tyznik's transit system in place, getting around the Seven Kingdoms is easier than ever. There are direct routes along the Wall (even if most stations are shut down), east-to-west service from King's Landing to Casterly Rock (as if the Lannisters ever take the train, those spoiled brats), and the trains run on a tight schedule (few to no delays, unlike GRRM himself).

Get an even better look at Tyznik's amazing maps, including the Known World beyond Westeros, at his website.

(via Westeros.org)

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