Quentin Miller Says Meek Mill And His Crew Beat Him Up Following Drake Beef

'I shed blood,' he says

Though there have been many chapters since, the feud between Drake and Meek Mill was sparked, publicly, with a simple tweet from Meek, in which he accused Drake of using a ghostwriter last July.

It was soon revealed that the ghostwriter in question was Quentin Miller, a rapper from Georgia whose reference tracks of some of Aubrey's songs, including "Know Yourself," "10 Bands" and the Meek collab "R.I.C.O." Miller has mostly steered clear of addressing the writing claims, but in a new interview with DJ Vlad, he confirms a different rumor: That Meek and his crew beat him up.

"He approached me, this was really my first time talking with Meek, and he basically told me he ain't like the letter that I dropped, and it made him seem like he was a liar," he said, referencing a post on tumblr from days after the initial allegations, where he denied being Drake's ghostwriter. "And they fucking stole off on me in the Nike store and ran. I shed blood in the Nike store [in Los Angeles]."

The rapper was also asked about a rumor that Meek was upset because Miller declined to write for him, though he wouldn't comment on it directly. He did address his surprise at the incident, though.

"I'm not a street n---a; I'm a suburban kid," Quentin added. "I'm not out here to be the toughest n---a. Punching me is like punching Frank Ocean or like punching ILOVEMAKONNEN. What kind of points are you getting off of that?

"I'm like, What the fuck are you hitting me for? [Drake] is in Atlanta. At the time, he was in Atlanta with Future. What are you coming up on me for? But it's whatever, man."

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