Katy Perry Just Dropped More (Very Naked) Moschino Campaign Photos


It has been mere days since Katy Perry and her Kris Jenner wig announced that she would be the face of Moschino, but today our girl gifted us with even more goodness: five more campaign photos served up with some full-sided nudity. Yowza.

Wearing gold heels and an oversized Moschino coat that is probably capable of covering everything (yet decidedly does not), Katy's look is surprisingly simple for the brand. Of course there’s the graffitied bag with "Moschino" stamped across it and the general presence of side-boob/everything else, but for Jeremy Scott, that’s pretty low-key.

Wearing what appears to be not one, but two bucket hats, Katy's purple and orange look features an oversized quilted backpack that could most likely hold everything you've ever owned.

Even bigger than the backpack is this floor-length coat, styled with banana yellow leggings and above-the-knee boots. Naturally.

If this is any indication of trends to come, start stocking up on denim culottes now.

The Met Gala dress! Did they shoot this right before they went in??

And, just for a quick reminder, here's the OG pic that kicked off the campaign. Based on Katy’s looks so far, we can't wait to see what she and J-Scott will give us next.

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