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Chance The Rapper's Giant New Album Features Nicki Minaj, Shawn Mendes, And So Many More

Everyone from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon to Megan Thee Stallion appears here

Well, it looks like it is Chance The Rapper's Big Day, after all. His debut studio album, The Big Day, is out now after a brief delay and it's massive. It throws more names and collaborators at you than you would think possible for a single album, along with three skits among its 22 tracks. Nicki Minaj and Shawn Mendes rank as two of the more surprising guests but there's plenty more in store. It's truly a big day. A big album for a big day.

Every corner of The Big Day comes with big surprises. Bon Iver's Justin Vernon contributes to "Do You Remember?" and both Smino and Chance's father Ken Bennett can be heard on "Eternal." There's Timbaland on "Big Fish," Pi'erre Bourne and Lil Durk on "Slide Around," Megan Thee Stallion on "Handsome," and this isn't even touching the two biggest surprises: Nicki Minaj gracing "Slide Around" with her presence and Shawn Mendes slinking into "Ballin Flossin." It's as though Chance A&R'd a DJ Khaled-like LP to showcase some of the industry's biggest talents.

Chance announced the release date for The Big Day on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week. In June, his first two mixtapes, 10 Day and Acid Rap, hit streaming services for the first time. He also released "Groceries" with Tisakorean in May which, sadly, didn't make The Big Day.

Listen to Chance's star-studded album up above.