Pink Receives Get-Well Wishes From Katy Perry, Perez Hilton After Onstage Fall

'You're more punk rock than all of us!,' Perry tweets.

Hours after [article id="1643811"]Pink was rushed to the hospital[/article] following an on-stage accident in Nuremberg, Germany, that saw her slip from her harness and land on a metal barricade, Pink was already back on Twitter, assuring fans that she was alright and joking that she "made that barricade [her] bitch!"

And she wasn't the only one who turned to Twitter: Her friends and fans flooded the site as news of the accident broke, sending her well-wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

"Pink, feel better, you're more punk rock than all of us!" Katy Perry wrote.

"Pink, thank Jeebus you are alright!" Perez Hilton added after tweeting video of the accident that he deemed "so scary and shocking."

Her fans also sent their love en masse, writing messages like "You are unstoppable!," "Pink's rock hard abs vs. a steel barrier? Steel barrier 0, Pink 1 (million)" and "My prayers go out to you, get well soon gurl!"

Even her husband, Carey Hart, got in on the act, tweeting to her fans that "Pink is out of the hospital and all good. Just got the sh-- kicked out of her by the barrier," adding, in a message to KROQ radio personality Stryker, that Pink "better feel better soon, she has a show tomorrow! No, seriously, she is good. Just super banged-up. One tough girl."

And eventually, Pink herself returned to Twitter, first to tell fans that she would be [article id="1643820"]taking the stage on Friday[/article] night in Salem, Germany, "even if I have to crawl," and then sending a message to all her well-wishers.

"A HUMONGOUS thank you to everyone who sent their love and concern," she wrote, adding that "Nikki [one of her dancers also injured in the accident] is also doing fine. I will buy her an ice cream later."

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