Exclusive: OMG, This OG 'Jem And The Holograms' Doll Looks Amazing

Yeah, I'm gonna need like 11 of these.

You might not actually be Synergy yourself, but soon YOU'LL be the one helping Jerrica Benton transform into her fabulous rock star alter ego Jem from "Jem And The Holograms" -- although it admittedly takes a little more effort than flicking an earring.

jem jerrica

This year for San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro is launching a brand new, special edition Jerrica/Jem fashion doll inspired by the original late 1980s cartoon. To switch her from Jerrica to Jem, all you have to do is change the doll's outfit and replace her head sculpt (don't worry, doll technology has improved a lot since you last accidentally popped your Barbie's head off in the '90s and couldn't get it back on), and Jerrica goes from this...


(Is it just me or does she kinda look like Taylor Swift?)

To this! See, NOW she's ready for showtime.


This doll also has extra significance for hardcore "Jem" fans -- her two outfits are from "Twilight In Paris," the classic episode when the Holograms film their very first music video in the gorgeous city of lights:

Jem stands at 12.5 inches tall and comes with a doll stand, a 30" diorama of the Eiffel Tower and a certificate of authenticity. If you're going to SDCC this year, you'll be able to grab ond of these amazing toys for yourself at booth #3329 for a cool $149.99. If not, then no worries! The doll will also be available exclusively on

Now, when are we getting new toys of the REST of the Holograms, Hasbro??? Because I'm gonna need to be able to act out my Kimber/Stormer fanfiction as soon as possible, y'all. Let's make it happen.


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