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The Best Aliases Used For Pranking TV News Broadcasts

Trolling the nightly news is all about the fake name.

As Bart Simpson proved again and again, an immature prank can be raised to the level of an art form with a clever enough alias. So when a water main near the UCLA campus exploded yesterday -- which is the last thing drought-plagued Los Angeles needed -- a prankster calling himself "Louis Slungpue" actually got all the way to ABC7's live coverage:

With that in mind, here are some other prank calls, texts and general news fails that only happened because producers and anchors weren't quick enough with puns...

"Hugh Janus"

Say it out loud, we'll wait. This is straight out of the Bart Simpson playbook. Poor weather guy -- he's wrong 50% of the time already.

The "Eaton-Lodes" Anniversary

These ones from Howard Stern are even better with a religious radio host saying them out loud.

"Dixie Normous"

Look, if you're going to fill time on live TV by reading people's names on their birthdays, this is bound to happen. It gets worse and worse as it goes along.

"Ijaz Fahted"

Again, whose fault is this REALLY?

"P. Nis"

Simple, elegant, effective.

There's "Sum Ting Wong" With This Network's Fact-Checkers

Look, given the timing of these fake names (right after an Asiana Airlines crash) they were definitely in poor taste. But the whole reason why local news stations are so easily pranked is they Just. Don't. Care. Journalism 101 is check your sources, and Journalism 102 is say names out loud to make sure they aren't awful racist jokes.

"Mike Hunt"

Oh, Mike. It seems like it's your birthday every day for every news station in America. Bonus that you turned 69 today, that's a big deal.