We 'Say Yes' To Michelle Williams, Beyonce And Kelly's Reunion: Watch

This video's basically the Destiny's Child reunion of your dreams.

Imagine a world where Michelle Williams once again shares the frame with her former Destiny's Child bandmates in a new music video where they sport distinct, though complementary, all-white ensembles. Beyoncé has braids. Kelly Rowland has short hair.

No, you haven't been transported back to the year 2000 to see "Say My Name" dominate on "TRL." It's 2014, and you're watching Michelle's glorious new "Say Yes" video.

The clip sees the once and forever children of Destiny singing His praises in a variety of locales: on the paved city streets, under a (presumably Pinterest-approved) tree hung with paper lanterns. The video ends with the "Nuclear" singers leading a giant dance party as they all sing the infectious refrain: "When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no/ When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no."

Literally, so fun! Even my cold-hearted, atheist self wants to join in.

A remake of the Nigerian gospel hymn "When Jesus Says Yes," the song is the lead single off of Michelle Williams' fourth solo album, Journey To Freedom. I give it two emoji praise hands out of two.

Check out more GIFs from Michelle Williams' "Say Yes" video featuring Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland at MTV News' Tumblr.

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