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'Arrow' Gets Wild, Adds New Superhero For Season Three

He's the (Wild)cat's meow!

The ever-expanding world of small-screen superheroes is growing yet again.

Already on "Arrow," we've seen Oliver Queen joined by Roy "Arsenal" Harper, Barry "The Flash" Allen, Sarah "Black Canary" Lance, and more. We already know that Roy "The Atom" Palmer is joining the cast for the show's upcoming third season. And now, there's another new hero in the mix: Ted "Wildcat" Grant.

Deadline reports that actor J.R. Ramirez has joined the cast of "Arrow" season three as Wildcast, a founding member of the Justice Society of America in the comics. But while he's best known for being a battle-hardened middle-aged man in the comics, the Wildcat of "Arrow" will be considerably younger, considering that Ramirez is in his early 30s.

Furthermore, we might want to brace ourselves for a Wildcat love story. According to Deadline, he'll play "a pivotal role" in the third season's Laurel Lance story. Could he be Laurel's new love interest, while Ollie tries to work things out with Felicity Smoak? Or will Wildcat simply help train Laurel as she moves closer to her Black Canary destiny?

"Arrow" returns with its third season premiere on October 8.