Cara Delevingne — Model, Actress, Not Hairstylist — Shaved A Woman’s Head On The Street

She's expanding her empire, one shaved strand at a time

Cara Delevingne is a woman of many talents. We already know about her modeling and acting prowess, but last night during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we were introduced to her haircutting skills.

During a segment in which people agree to have their heads shaved on the street, Cara appears to give Grace, a young Floridian, a haircut. Though Cara admits to never having cut someone’s hair before — an unexpected admission, TBH — Grace says she trusts her “100 percent” to give a good haircut.

The result will make you question whether or not Grace should’ve, um, trusted a stranger to give her a haircut on the street, but hey, now we know one other thing Cara is good at — braiding!

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