13 Lessons The Olsen Twins Taught Us About Being Sisters

Sisters are doin' for themselves.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are so good at being sisters, they went pro as babies. Not many of us can say that, so it makes sense to take a page from their book. We can learn a lot from MK&A about what it's like to share this special bond that only sisters know (even if you don't have one of your own).

From their "Full House" debut to their modern day mogul status, all you have to is watch and learn.

Sisters don't let each other worry


One of Michelle Tannner's top catchphrases seems to have stuck with MK&A through adulthood: "Don't worry, be happy." No matter how much these sisters have changed over the years, they seem just as chill -- so chill that they may let a "you got it dude" slip out every once in a while.

Sisters know how to solve problems


It's easy to let go of your worries when you have someone just as fierce as you along for the ride. The Olsen twins have shown this strategy works in literally every one of their movies. They can get in and out of any problem, no matter how ridiculous, because they have each other.

And if they don't, there's always ice cream


Sisters know that there may not be a solution to every problem, but at least there's sugar and dairy.

Sisters get each other's pop culture references


If you can't quote Avril with your sister, then really, who can you quote Avril with? This is the one person who always knows what you're talking about, sometimes before you say it out loud.

Sisters can grow up and change


Fans might be bummed that Michelle Tanner won't be back for the "Fuller House" Netflix reboot, but MK&A retired from acting in 2013. You've gotta respect two young women who stick to their guns when it comes to growth. Plus, watching them solve mysteries into their thirties would've gotten weird for everyone.

Sisters stay true to their roots

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Despite their decision to opt out of "Fuller House," these sisters have remained close with their TV dad, Bob Saget. Saget has defended the twins publicly over the years, including their choice to abstain from the project. He can be seen hanging out with both MK&A socially in NYC, and the twins remain equally supportive of Saget as well.

Sisters don't take themselves too seriously


If you can't laugh at yourself, then laughing at someone who looks almost exactly like you is great practice.

Sisters are known to be a little rebellious


Sisters start with breaking their parents' rules and work their way out into the rest of the world. They're the most reliable and trusting partners in crime who can get away with (almost) anything. And even when they can't, there's no person they'd rather be in trouble with. It's a win-win rebellion.

Sisters want each other to find love


MK&A have been there for each other through all kinds of relationships. When Mary-Kate Olsen recently married Oliver Sarkozy, we can only assume Ashley was there supporting her the entire way.

Sisters never let a significant other come between them


Like all sisters, Ash isn't threatened by her new brother in-law because she knows he's not taking MK away from her. She's not losing a sister; she's gaining a happier one.

Sisters know sticking together pays off


With an estimated net worth of $300 million, seeing your sister at work every day seems to be the secret to getting rich. You might not make millions, but you might reap other benefits from working closely with your genetic bestie.

Sisters aren't afraid to be alike


Everyone wants to be an individual, but being like someone else is pretty underrated. Sisters aren't afraid of being too similar, because the trade-off is having someone who gets you more than anyone. That seems like a great deal.

Sisters are bosses


The most important thing MK&A have taught us is that sisters can do whatever they want because they're in charge. You don't have to be a child star or a fashion icon to be the boss — you just need someone who knows you well and loves you anyway. And that's what sisters are all about.