Ariana Grande And 'Victorious' Co-Star Leon Thomas Got 'Rebellious'

Thomas tells MTV News that he's glad to see his friends doing so well.

Can Ariana Grande's recent musical success rub off on her "Victorious" co-stars as well? Leon Thomas sure hopes so.

Fans of the Nickelodeon show will remember the 20-year-old Brooklyn native as musical prodigy Andre Harris, but Thomas is ready to embark on a serious musical journey now that he has signed on with Rostrum Records, the same label that made stars out of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

"We all just found our lane, and I'm just glad to see that everybody's doing well," Thomas told MTV News saluting both Grande and the show's star Victoria Justice.

In 2011, Thomas appeared on two songs from the Victorious soundtrack alongside Justice, and in 2012, he and Grande recorded a cover of Drake and Rihanna's "Take Care" for his Metro Hearts mixtape. "It was fun. It was like right on the tail-end of 'Victorious,' so it was almost a little rebellious for us," he said.

Thomas doesn't only sing, but he also writes and produces as a part of the duo the Rascals, with his friend Chris Tines. Together the Rascals earned production credit on five songs on Grande's upcoming debut album Yours Truly, including her single "Baby I."

He was also present on Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet to witness his former co-star sent the pre-show on fire. "It's good to see people that I love, people that I really respect doing that well," he said. "She's killing the game right now."

Next up for Thomas is his "Hello, How Are You" track featuring Wiz Khalifa. It'll be his first single since joining the Rostrum family. "Wiz is probably one of my favorite rappers out right now and just to see what he's been able to build with [Rostrum founder] Benjy [Grinberg] and Mac Miller and that whole crew, it was really a blessing for me," Thomas said.