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The Second Night Of Niall Horan's 'Corden' Takeover Was About Feels

He performed 'Put a Little Love on Me'

The second night of Niall Horan's week-long takeover of The Late Late Show with James Corden was even better than the first. Partnered with a stirring piano and a troupe of dancing violins, he performed "Put a Little Love on Me" for all of the wounded lovers out in the world.

After an over-the-top sketch that featured Horan dumping blue cheese and ranch on himself after eating some extremely spicy hot wings, the singer cooled off with the smooth piano-driven number about wanting to work through differences in a relationship. He gripped his microphone stand with two hands like it was the lower back of a partner that he's locked in an embrace with, serenading this imaginary person to whom he wants to shower with affection.

It was the perfect preview of what kind of sound that we'll be getting when he releases his forthcoming Heartbreak Weather album that drops on March 13.

On the first night of Horan's Corden residency, he performed Heartbreak Weather's "Nice To Meet Ya." He brought out his own guitar and rocked the screaming crowd with an awesome show.

Check out Horan's smooth performance of "Put a Little Love on Me" above.