Here's Matt LeBlanc's Favorite Joey Moments From 'Friends' For Your Netflix Binge

Priority is key.

Over the past week, we estimate human productivity levels have completely tanked due to high levels of "Friends" binge-watching replacing every available minute of our lives.

January 1, 2015 marked Netflix's release date of every single one of the sitcom's 236 episodes. That's approximately 5,192 hours of Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Joey's hilarious antics right in your living room. With that much content to freak out over, prioritizing is key to regaining some of your social life and totally not-getting-fired for streaming in the office.

Thankfully, Matt LeBlanc (a.k.a Joey Tribbiani) revealed his all-time favorites during an interview with HuffPost Live. While he assures us he's seen them all, "I was there when we shot them all," the actor will still stop channel surfing for some of the greats. According to LeBlanc, these are all you really need in your time-crunched life:

"Any of the big sort of 'event' ones, like 'The One After The Super Bowl."

"Any of the holidays ones, like the Thanksgiving stuff with the turkey on my head..."

"... or wearing the maternity pants, because when you eat a lot they stretch a little."

"Any of the stuff with the monkey. I got a huge kick out of it."

"Or, if it was maybe one of the great guest characters that were on."

Still craving more LeBlanc?Watch the full interview here:

What are you top "Friends" moments? Share them in the comments below.

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