Watch These Men Get Tricked Into Catcalling Their Own Mothers

Maybe they'll stop doing it to other women now?

Update: As we originally speculated, the video is a "fake documentary." It was produced by Everlast in conjunction with a Peruvian anti-street harassment organization, meant to bring attention to this very real issue.

A few months ago, a video of a woman getting catcalled in New York City went viral, bringing new attention to the old issue of women facing street harassment. Now, the debate heats up again with another video targeting hapless, game-less catcallers, this time in in Lima, Peru, where seven out of 10 women are sexually harassed on the streets, according to the video.

This time, though, the issue is dealt with in a different way: By showing what happens when men find out the women they've been catcalling are actually their mothers in disguise. Everlast (yes, the boxing equipment brand) supposedly identified men who had a habit of catcalling, and contacted their mothers, who agreed to walk past their sons in disguise, baiting them into the Oedipal trap. Watch as the moms publicly shame their sons:

One mother in particular gives her son an earful -- and an earful of purse -- after he calls her "Tasty Panties." Staged or not, it gets the message across.

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