Billy Crudup On Working With The Green Screen For 'Watchmen'

"I look like a 40-year-old jackass, which is kind of what I am," joked Crudup.

However, despite the high-tech aspects of filming his character -- a glowing, blue-skinned, usually naked hero with god-like powers -- Crudup explained that not everything was filmed using sensory-depriving sets or wearing a bulky suit. "Just the Mars stuff," he said. "While it was a big portion of the story of the third part of the movie, it was only probably a couple weeks that we were on rocks and a big blue or green screen room. Most of it was on normal sets and me on a very strange motion capture sequence."

But despite the fact that Dr. Manhattan gets the CGI treatment, not everything in the film will be aided by computer. After all, Zack Snyder managed to build a full scale replica of the Owlship, which Splash Page got a personal tour of at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

All giant, superhero vehicles aside, one burning question remains for those who have read the "Watchmen" graphic novel -- will Dr. Manhattan remain pants-less, and if so, did Crudup go commando for the role? "I did all my shots in the nude so if you see anything, it was totally me. It was totally me."

What do you think of the Dr. Manhattan footage you've seen so far? Looking forward to seeing Crudup's take on the character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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