50 Cent Explains How Chris Brown Helped Squash One Of His Huge Feuds

Who would've thought?

50 Cent, as we've seen for the last decade, is no stranger to beef. He's not totally opposed to squashing those tiffs, either, though, when the time is right. That's what happened with his relationship with Floyd Mayweather -- after the two went from bros to virtual brawls and back again -- thanks largely to Chris Brown.

Yup, it turns out Breezy helped facilitate what became a peace accord earlier this year.

"Chris is actually involved," 50 told Real 92.3. "He brought me out to the Barclays arena, during his performance when he was on tour [in February], and Floyd was there. So I came out in the middle of the show as a surprise, it was completely unexpected."

Backstage, the two had a chance to run into each other -- though some security almost wouldn't let it happen.

"And then he came back to the dressing room, the guys [with Floyd] was out in front...it turned into an altercation for a second," Fif said. "And then I go, Oh, no, no, they don't know how to handle with Champ. Like, we got a different temperament. He got people around him that'll do whatever he say, too. So I had to run out behind him, I got him and I'm like, 'Yo, what's the matter with you?' He go, 'Wow, me and you, we gonna do that?'"

50 says he kind of laughed that off, and then Floyd "just chilled." Since then, they've been back to being buds. And it's a good thing, too, because Fif says he bet $1.6 million on Mayweather's fight with Manny Pacquiao -- and won.

As for whether or not he'll get a shot to make money off of his friend against Pacquiao again? “I don’t think that there’s a rematch in order,” 50 told MTV News last week.

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