MTV Is About To Explore Four 'Families Of The Mafia'

The brand-new docuseries premieres April 9

Four neighboring mafia-related families call Staten Island home. And "they're done with the mafia, but is the mafia done with them?"

Families of the Mafia, premiering April 9, is a raw docuseries chronicling the gripping realities of four mafia-tied families on Staten Island as they navigate a divide between parents attempting to guide their children to a better life, and their offspring who want to write their own stories. With one lifestyle and two generations, tensions run high as they decide whether to embrace their families’ legacy or break generational curses.

In the sneak peek below, Karen Gravano -- daughter of infamous mafioso "Sammy The Bull" Gravano -- admits she is trying to keep her daughter Karina "away from the life."

But in a separate interaction, Karina says, "I'm old enough to make my own decisions."

But Karen is not the "only one" dealing with these consequences. Check out the entire sneak peek featuring the Gravanos, the O’Tooles, the LaRoccas and the Augustines -- and do not miss the series premiere of Families of the Mafia on Thursday, April 9 at 9/8c. Follow @FamiliesOfMafia on Twitter and @FamiliesOfTheMafia on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Get in on the conversation using #FamiliesOfTheMafia.

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