Vinnie Vincent Sues Kiss

JOHN: Welcome back to Vinnie Vincent, last seen playing guitar with Kiss from 1982 to 1984. Tuesday in Nashville, where he now lives, Vincent announced that he's suing Kiss and its label for defrauding him of royalties for his playing and composing on the "Creatures Of The Night" and "Lick It Up" albums. Vincent also alleges that Kiss unsuccessfully tried to make him sign what he calls an unconscionable contract, by cutting his $2,000 a week salary in half, and "making him live in a hotel frequented by addicts and prostitutes." His press conference was quite a piece of rock theater, here's one memorable moment.

VINNIE VINCENT: I don't want the kids out there with dreams of being another Vinnie Vincent, or Kiss, or any band they idolize, to fall victim to the music business. I don't want their dreams to turn into nightmares, and for whoever comes through that door now, I want them to see the just rewards and the light of those rewards to shine on them and their families.


No comment on Vincent's suit yet from Kiss or its label.

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