Demi Lovato Quit Social Media Except For One App

‘I gotta quit sayin’ shit’

Demi Lovato said her goodbyes to Twitter and Instagram Monday afternoon (June 20) with a final string of tweets. She began with an up-front, “Damn, I gotta quit sayin [sic] shit.” Whoa.

She hasn’t actually deleted her accounts, so maybe she’ll just avoid using them for now. Whatever the case, these are her famous last words.

Only one real-time social media app remains safe from her wrath: Snapchat. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, fans can’t reply to your snaps unless you give them permission to. This gives celebrities more privacy.

The “Stone Cold” singer didn’t go into specifics about her decision, but last week, the internet called her out for throwing shade at a Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande meme.

“That one time I started my own charity providing mental health care for people who can’t afford it and this is what y’all talk about,” she continued, talking about last year’s Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health campaign. For the past several years, she’s been beautifully honest about her struggles with bipolar disorder.

Hopefully she changes her mind and comes back to your newsfeed soon. Until then, see you on Snapchat, Demi!