Elimination Queen: Look Back At Cara Maria's Impressive 'Challenge' Record

The vet certainly knows how to rise to the occasion when it matters most.

Jenna may be the "Battle of the Bloodlines" Pit MVP (the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" vet has gone in and returned three times this season), but there's no denying Cara Maria's place as one of the greatest and most accomplished elimination competitors in the storied series' history. And after a tough showdown against fellow vet Aneesa during last night's episode -- which ultimately notched a place in the finals with her cousin Jamie -- the kickboxing enthusiast showed off her impressive record when her place in the game has been on the line.

"8 seasons. 15 eliminations. 11 wins," the New Englander wrote along with the Instagram snapshot above, featuring a list of all the folks she has faced off against during the tension-filled MTV scenarios. "I dont count the one w jamie vs mike. Because even though we got voted in... I just stood there. I Could always be better. But i am pretty proud i believe i have been in the most eliminations of any girl on the show besides aneesa? Rackin em up!"

In honor of Cara's aforementioned performances through the years, we dug through the vaults to relive these clashes -- various uniforms, different locations, bruised bones and all. Get the adrenaline pumping and check out the tough-as-nails gal below:

"Fresh Meat 2": Opponents Pete and Jill


It's never easy to be the first one out -- but unfortunately for the wide-eyed newbie and her veteran partner Darrell (who has four "Challenge" titles under his belt), the seemingly strong pair was ousted during the Vancouver-based "Lost & Found."

"Cutthroat": Opponent Mandi

It was a close match in the Gulag mud during "Back Up Off Me," but CM was able to secure a hard-fought W for the Grey Team.

"Rivals": Opponents Camila and Theresa


The erstwhile "Cutthroat" teammates had trouble communicating during "Sync or Swim" and their DQ led them to The Jungle -- but the powerhouses were able to emerge on top in "Door Jam."

"Rivals": Opponents Jasmine and Jonna


The "Real World: Cancun" rookies put on an admirable performance during their inaugural "Challenge" appearance -- but the "Fresh Meat 2" vets handed them a loss during "Blast Off" right before the finals.

"Battle of the Exes": Opponents Emily and Ty

Team Green was too much to handle for the "Cutthroat" couple -- but CM certainly gave it her all against the unstoppable Emily.

"Battle of the Seasons": Opponents Wes and Lacey


Right out of the gate, Eric and CM went up against one half of "Real World: Austin" -- but they easily defeated their competition in "Hall Brawl."

"Battle of the Seasons": Opponents Chet and Sarah


CM and her teammate Brandon were "Knot So Fast" with their ropes and regrettably said toodaloo to Turkey.

"Rivals 2": Opponents Jessica and Anastasia


The New Englander became Cooke's partner after Naomi left Thailand -- and soon enough, C-squared (who met for the first time in this unique environment) were forced to fight for their place in the game. But fortunately for the athletic pair, they notched a No.1 finish during "Hanging by a Thread" and proved themselves to be a dominant duo.

"Rivals 2": Opponents Nany and Jonna


For the first time, Cooke and Cara Maria finished last during a challenge and were sent straight to the Jungle. But it wasn't a grave loss: They returned back to the action following "Snapper."

"Free Agents": Opponent Nia

After more than AN HOUR of digging her feet into the sand and fighting with everything through “Looper,” Cara continued her stay Uruguay with a well-deserved top finish against viable threat Nia.

"Free Agents": Opponent LaToya


CM's bad luck with the Draw continued, but she outran the "Real World: St. Thomas" alum during "Oppenheimer."

"Free Agents": Opponent Jessica

Cara Maria gave "Balls In" her everything -- and even though she took out J, the grueling test left her with a broken hand.

"Free Agents": Opponent Laurel

The past "Rivals" teammates -- who, at the time, were having trouble seeing eye-to-eye stemming from L openly rooting for Jessica during the aforementioned elimination -- went up against each other for the first time. However, "Wrecking Wall" didn't go Cara's way -- and it set the pace for Laurel's "Free Agents" victory.

"Battle of the Bloodlines": Opponents Bananas and Vince


"Through Thick and Thin," indeed. Puzzles are no doubt tricky, but the Methuen native was able to keep her composure and figure out the difficult mind game before the five-time champ and his cousin.

"Battle of the Bloodlines": Opponent Aneesa


Even though the two bickered before their Berlin battle, Cara got what was hers during "Mine Not Yours" -- and the "Real World: Chicago" roommate settled for yet another fourth-place finish. On the other hand, Cara sealed her fate in her fourth finals appearance.

Which Cara Maria-centered elimination sticks out among the rest? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to catch Cara Maria on the next "Battle of the Bloodlines" on Wednesday at 10/9c! And for a special sneak peek from the Berlin-based finals extravaganza, check out the clip (but not if you just ate lunch):

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