'Catching Fire' Premiere Unleashes The Tickle Monster: Our 5 Fave Things From The Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence consoles a crying kid while Chris Hemsworth gets his tickly fingers out on the London red carpet.

It takes time to get a real blaze going, so it makes sense that the first sparks of fan frenzy for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" have already started smoldering even though the movie's official release date is still more than a week away. Though the weather in London's Leicester Square was frigid — complete with pouring rain that had Jennifer Lawrence wearing a bright red coat over a backless dress — excitement among fans at the U.K. premiere ran hot.

There are still plenty of events to hold us over before the movie premieres on November 22, but let's take the time to bask in Monday's festivities. Because it wouldn't be a "Hunger Games" event without J-Law quotables, memorable fan moments and goofy cast shenanigans, here are our five favorite things that happened at the U.K. premiere of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

Jennifer Lawrence Remains The Most Lovable Human On Earth.

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, J-Law is (still) awesome. The star spotted a young girl in a wheelchair in the crowd of fans and had security guards move a barrier so she could talk to her admirer. She stayed to chat with the girl, taking a picture and hugging her multiple times.

Even Oscar Winners Need Passports.

At a photo call earlier in the day, one key person was conspicuously absent: the Girl on Fire Herself. Lawrence's co-stars gamely posed for photos, but it would reportedly be nearly 12 hours before Lawrence was able to arrive in the U.K. As it turns out, she told Sky News, she had forgotten her passport.

"Yes, I forgot my passport, and had to fly to another state to get it. It was miserable," she said.

Elizabeth Banks Has Some Competition.

One enterprising fan braved the cold rain of the premiere carpet to show off her intricate Effie Trinket costume to the Capitol Couture spokesmodel herself, Elizabeth Banks. Banks, dressed in a yellow full-length custom Jason Wu gown for the festivities, posed for a picture with the fan, tweeting "Amazing!"

Later, at an afterparty at London's Royal Courts of Justice, Banks was swarmed by a flock of Effies, each in a different outlandish outfit.

Sam Claflin Compared Jennifer Lawrence To A Monkey.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the youthful cast spent a lot of time monkeying around on-set in Hawaii — including when they were meant to mime fighting evil screaming monkeys. Sam Claflin, who plays cocksure tribute Finnick Odair, told the Independent about accidentally whacking Lawrence on the butt with his character's trident.

"I left a really big imprint of my weapon on her buttock," he said. "It was a very special moment we shared." (Lawrence, for her part, was half-convinced that a ghost had grabbed her butt.) To add insult to (slight) injury, Claflin inadvertently compared Lawrence to a monkey while explaining his fighting technique.

"You just swing, swing and swing and swing some more!" he said. "I was hitting bushes and Jennifer. Anything that looks half like a monkey, hit it!"

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Tickle Fights On The Carpet Are NBD.

It should be illegal for an ensemble cast to be so charming, right? Lawrence and co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth engaged in a tickle fight on the red carpet. Great news for us: photographers were on-hand to capture the battle.

Just putting this out there: Happy Tickle Games. The odds are ever in your laughter. (Now it's on you, Hollywood.)

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