Sunny Day Real Estate Talks About The "Emo-Core" Tag

Reforming after a three-year lay-off, Sunny Day Real Estate has returned with a critically-acclaimed new album, "How It Feels To Be Something On," and with the addition of former Posies bassist Jeff Skyward, the band has launched a series of brief, two-to-three week road excursions in support of the "comeback" record.

After disbanding in 1995, the Estate's rhythm section of bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith left to join Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters. But after Grohl replaced Goldsmith's drum parts on the Foos' last record, "The Colour and the Shape," Goldsmith says he chose to leave the band, while Mendel opted to stay with the Foos and bypass the Sunny Day reunion.

With all the emotional baggage and tension surrounding the Seattle-based group and the dreamy atmospherics of SDRE's back catalog -- a sound particularly evident on the new record -- it's easy to understand how the band's music has been tagged as emo-core, even if it is a term Sunny Day admits

to not completely understanding.

[article id="1451029"]"Well, we're a rock band basically," [/article] Goldsmith said during an interview just prior to the group's performance at the Sub Pop showcase during last week's CMJ MusicFest in New York.

[article id="1451029"]"No disrespect to anyone who wants to call us anything," [/article] added guitarist Dan Hoerner, [article id="1451029"] "because there's all kinds of music out there, and everybody puts what they're hearing into a certain pigeon-hole in an effort to deal with it. And while I don't disrespect anyone for using the term emo-core, or rock, or anything, but back in the day, emo-core was just about the worst dis that you could throw on a band.

Now it's funny that people use it as a term of respect for us," [/article] Hoerner said, [article id="1451029"] "I think. At least it seems fairly respectful, [as people] don't seem to hate the band when they

use it. But I don't know what the f*** it means." [28.8 RealVideo] [/article]

Sunny Day Real Estate, which will play Orlando, Florida on Friday night, has just issued "Pillars" as the first single from "How It Feels To Be Something On," and plans to shoot a video for the song during the first week of December.