'Scream' Again: The Very First Look At Season 2 Is Coming

We know you're impatient, so you can check out this spine-tingling teaser NOW.

Get ready to Scream.

MTV will unveil the very first look at Season 2 of its hit slasher series with a special promo, set to air during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 10. And to whet fans' appetites for the upcoming installment -- now premiering on a new date, May 30 -- the network has just released a clip that reintroduces some of Lakewood High's most popular targets students. So what's on their mind these days?

"I'm scared every time I get a phone call," Emma is thinking as she stands in the shadows (cue creepy lighting and sound effects).

Well yeah, after this and basically all of Season 1, we would be too.

Jake, meanwhile, is being typically cheeky, pondering, "How do you know whether you're the cat or the mouse?"

And Noah? Leave it to the high school brainiac -- he's asking himself the most crucial question of all about the Lakewood killing spree: "Is it over?"

Of course it's not: Scream will return on Monday, May 30. In the meantime, check out the clip, below, to see what's on the minds of Kieran, Brooke and Audrey, then tune in to the MTV Awards Sunday for the very first look at Season 2 of Scream!

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