The First Generation Of 'Harry Potter' Readers Is Doing Something Very Magical For The New Generation


For a large majority of '90s and '00s kids, J.K. Rowling's magical series about a boy wizard inspired their love of reading. Now, the "Harry Potter" readers decide to pay it forward, or rather, Potter it forward.

Fans are leaving notes in books for future readers to find. Their messages obviously vary, but they all share one common theme: The "Harry Potter" books had a significant influence on their lives. These "Potterheads" want to share their stories with the next generation of readers.

According to 9 News, the hashtag #PotterItForward was started by "fans on the popular Potter online hub"

People share life lessons.

And explain what the book is really about — and it's not spells and wizardry.

Fans hope future readers get lost in the magical world, "if only just for a moment."

And they wish others to experience all the wonderful feels they went through the first time reading the books.

The movement has even gone global, including this note from Ryazansky Prospekt in Russia.

Note: Since we don't speak Russian, we're not sure what it says. But, it's bound to be just as inspiring as the rest of the messages. (If any translators are out there, holla!)

But perhaps, this Twitter user sums up the HP movement the best. *Cue the magical music*

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