What Is George Lucas' Favorite 'Star Wars' Movie? We Asked, He Sort Of Answered

There can be only one favorite child.

With reporting by Alex Zalben

Everyone has a favorite "Star Wars" film -- "Return of the Jedi" FTW -- or so we thought.

Speaking to MTV News at a press day for his new animated flick "Strange Magic," director George Lucas revealed his favorite "Star Wars" flick. And the answer may surprise you.

"It's like my children," he said. "I can't pick a favorite. They're all different in their own special little ways."

Okay, so maybe Lucas doesn't really have a favorite "Star Wars" film -- or so he says -- but we still think he has a soft spot for the Ewoks.

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Lucas has been candid about his decision to step away from the "Star Wars" franchise. "I didn't want to spend the next 10 years doing 'Star Wars,'" he recently told SlashFilm. "I didn't want to be doing it when I was 80 years old."

Lucas currently spends his days dreaming of Ewoks. Presumably.

"Strange Magic" is in theaters now.

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