Jon Snow Fans, Rejoice! Kit Harington Has Been Spotted Near The 'Game Of Thrones' Set


One downside of the existence of the Internet -- and the existence of rabid fans of "Game of Thrones" -- is that it must be difficult for the show's actors to keep it a secret when they come and go from the show's set. Specifically Kit Harington, whose return to Belfast has been rumored for days, but now it's all but confirmed unless the man in this photo is Harington's long-lost twin brother:

The "GoT" fansite Watchers On The Wall nabbed a bunch of images of the actor arriving at the Belfast airport on Tuesday (July 21), wearing the same leather bag he was seen carrying around on July 9, and the Jon Snow mane he hasn't chopped off all summer.

Many are speculating that he could be there to film a funeral scene like Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) did for season five, but since Jon Snow died up North, wouldn't the Watch know to burn his body right away to prevent White Walker-fication? It is known. They would. So basically, Jon Snow is totally coming back to life, and Maisie Williams is a giant liar.

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