Ashlee Simpson Reveals Christmas Gifts For Fans (New Album Title) And Pete Wentz (Shh!)

'It's kind of how I feel about the world right now,' singer says of upcoming LP's name, 'Bittersweet World.'

Note to Pete Wentz: If you don't want to know what your girlfriend got you for Christmas, stop reading now ...

Seriously, we're warning you. You don't wanna ruin the surprise. Because this gift is awesome. You have a great girlfriend, man.

OK, are you gone? Good. Here we go ...

On Tuesday, MTV News sat down with Ashlee Simpson to talk about her upcoming album. And while she did give us a bunch of scoops on what she has decided to call the album and who she worked with on it, we figured we would lead off with what she plans to get her boyfriend, Fall Out Boy bassist Wentz, for Christmas.

"I can't tell, because what if this comes out early or before I give him the gift?" she laughed. "It's a big present ... [with] two [wheels] ... I bought him a plane."

We're only, like, 50 percent sure she's joking about the plane thing, which would probably be the best Christmas present ever (that or the Sega Master System we got in the watershed Xmas of '86). But whatever she ends up getting for Wentz, it will be good, because, as it turns out, Simpson is in a very giving mood these days.

After all, she's just released the [article id="1576229"]video for "Out of My Head (Ay Ya Ya),"[/article] a prime slab of Timbaland-produced, overly caffeinated super-pop, and now she's starting to talk about her collabo-heavy album (it features work by Chad Hugo, Kenna, J Roe and King Logan, to name just a few). And, first things first, she has decided to give us the exclusive on what she's gonna call it.

"I had been thinking about it, but then I guess today I just decided that I'm gonna call my album Bittersweet World," she said. "It's the title of one of the songs on my record. I was contemplating Color Outside the Lines for a while, but Bittersweet World is the one I feel. ... It's kind of how I feel about the world right now."

Bittersweet is tentatively scheduled to hit stores in March, and when fans finally get a listen, Simpson said they'll be hearing something that's equal parts "cheeky, quirky and sweet," an album that reflects her life in the spotlight ("Out Of My Head" is about "having so many voices in your head and everybody's opinions") and her growth as a person. And it sounds like it was recorded in 1985.

"It's definitely influenced by '80s music," she said. "I wanted to do music with beats, I wanted to step outside the box. It's where I am in my life. There's parts of the record that are '80s-influenced, because that's just kind of where I'm at right now. I'm more laid-back, and I want to dance around, and I kind of laugh at things a lot, so you'll hear that on the record."

And as is the case with pretty much everything Simpson does, Bittersweet has already been the subject of much gossip: First, it was the rumors that none other than Robert Smith, morose and made-up frontman of the Cure, was helping write songs for the record (note: not true). Then, there was talk that the album would see her rolling out an [article id="1569231"]alter ego named Vicky Valentine[/article] (also [article id="1574211"]not true[/article]). And finally, there was news that Wentz himself was contributing songs, which — you guessed it — also turned out to be false.

So how does she feel about having so much speculation about an album that won't be released for three months? Well, she's trying as best she can to laugh it all off, which is about all she can do, really.

"Honestly, it is more about having a good time and laughing at yourself and laughing at things you do, or making a silly comment and turning it into a song," she said. "I mean, sometimes things are serious. ... Who knows? My next record, what if I do a metal record? It goes with how you are and where you're at in a time in your life. And right now, I'm at an easygoing, fun, loving time."

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