A-Rod Offered Drag Queen Role in Salvador Dali Biopic

You can't make this stuff up. Seriously. Word around the Big Apple (and we suppose Tinseltown, by default) is that baseball superstar and sometimes Cameron Diaz man pet boyfriend Alex Rodriguez has been offered his first feature film role—as a drag queen.

French filmmaker Philippe Mora confirmed that he approached the New York Yankees third-baseman about whether he'd be interested in portraying artist Salvador Dali's assistant Potassa in his upcoming biopic, succinctly titled "The Surrealist." That's pretty surreal all right.

According to Star Pulse, the director told the "New York Post," "It's quite a good idea and has a serious side to it… At first it sounds hilarious, but it's a serious offer." He further insists that A-Rod would be a perfect fit for a movie about Dali because the artist was "obsessed with baseball" himself.

Hmm. We're not convinced that logic totally follows, but since we'd love to see A-Rod strutting his stuff in sky-high stilettos on the silver screen, we'll let it slide. No word yet from the baseball stud's camp about whether it's being considered, but if we were betting folk (which we're not), we'd say it's unlikely.

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