16 Concrete Examples That Totally Prove The Illuminati Control The VMAs

Okay. We admit it. The VMAs are totally Illuminati. You got us.

It's historical fact (on Wikipedia) that the Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria as a secret society dedicated to stopping the influence of the Catholic Church over science and philosophy. It's much less of a historical fact that the Illuminati persists to this day and is implanting its members in government, business and the media in an effort to create a New World Order by silently ruling the world through signs, symbols and secrecy.

There is no way to avoid the influence of the Illuminati. Not even venerable institutions such as the 31st annual MTV Video Music Awards on August 24 are immune. Here are 16 blatant examples that prove the Illuminati have been behind the VMAs from day one.

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1. Dan Aykroyd, the VMAs first co-host, is obsessed with the occult.

Since Dan Aykroyd co-hosted the first VMAs with Better Midler in 1984, he's spoken publicly about his fascination with the paranormal, UFOs and crystal skulls. He even created Crystal Skull Vodka. Obviously, this means he met some Illuminati backstage and became infatuated by their subsequent conversation.

2. The most-rewarded video in VMAs history is filled with mind control.

Peter Gabriel’s video “Sledgehammer” won nine Moonman awards in 1987, making it the most successful video in the show's history. Clearly the video features numerous swirling objects in an effort to hypnotize and brainwash its viewers in an attempt to make them docile and obedient.

3. Madonna's "Like A Prayer" music video is filled with burning crosses.

Madonna won the Viewer’s Choice Award for "Life A Prayer" at the 1989 VMAs. Everyone knows the Catholic Church and the Illuminati the longstanding battle going back hundreds of years.

4. Madonna’s “cone bra” represents pyramids.

“Vogue” received nine VMA nominations in 1990 and the reason is obvious. It features Madonna in her iconic cone bra. Is it a coincidence that a pyramid is one of the favorite symbols of the Illuminati? Don’t be naive.

5. “Heard any good jokes lately?” is an anagram for “Joy! Tally-ho! Dog-eared snake.”

After his infamous arrest, Pee-Wee Herman made his first public appearance at the 1991 VMAs and killed with this one-liner: “Heard any good jokes lately?” On the surface it appeared as if Paul Reubens was making light of his 1991 arrest for lewd conduct in a pornography theater. However, that statement is actually an anagram for “Joy! Tally-ho! Dog-eared snake.” That is the secret signal for Illuminati members to convene at The Bilderberg Group.

6. "The Adventures of Fartman" starring Howard Stern and Luke Perry never happened.

At the 1992 VMAs, Howard Stern appeared as Fartman alongside Luke Perry, who made an off-the-cuff joke about the death of James Dean (whom the Illuminati had killed because he was inspiring youth rebellion). Because Perry went off script and brought attention to Dean’s death, the Illuminati killed all plans for the movie "The Adventures of Fartman."

7. Eminem's backup dancers are clones.

At the 2002 VMAs, Eminem performed “The Real Slim Shady” surrounded by dancers who looked and dressed just like him. In reality, they were actual test clones created in labs run by the Illuminati, but none of the clones survived the night due to weak immune systems.

8. Beyonce signified fiery human sacrifice by being hung upside down.

At the 2003 VMAs, Beyonce officially entered the Illuminati when she performed upside down. This mimicked the human sacrifices the Illuminati regularly perform by dipping people in boiling oil or caramel.

9. Russell Brand told the audience to vote for Barack Obama, AND IT WORKED!

Could it be a coincidence that Obama was elected? Or is it incontrovertible proof of the global influence of the Illuminati over all world events?

10.Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift.

Kanye West, clearly acting as an agent of Lucifer, interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the Best Female video at the 2009 VMAs to say that the award should have gone to Beyonce. Beyonce later won for Video of the Year because well, Illuminati.

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11. Lady Gaga shoved blood sacrifice in our face.

Blood sacrifice is the Illuminati's most favorite thing (besides fro yo), as proven by Gaga in 2009.

12. Usher presided over a rotating mind-control-hypnosis floor during his 2010 performance.

It's like the Illuminati aren't even trying to hide the fact they're controlling your mind.

13. Beyonce and Jay Z announced that their pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs.

Why would these mega-stars announce huge news like this at the VMAs if it weren't the most important date in their calendar? Oh right, they're Illuminati royalty and this is THEIR EVENT.

14. P!nk's dancing lips performance in 2012 represents the doctrine of silence.

If you know anything about the Illuminait, then you know about The Vow of Silence. It's obvious from P!nk's choice of lips imagery that she knows it well.

15. Rihanna performed "Cockiness" surrounded by snake images in 2012.


C'mon Rihanna, can you get any more in our face with your snake worship and blah, blah, blah, evil snake symbols? While this is the most blatant display, snakes have popped up often at VMAs:

Britney Spears wore a snake at the 2001 VMAs

Justin Bieber brought a snake to the 2011 VMAs


16. Satanic hand signals for "666" and devil horn are thrown regularly at the VMAS.

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