Game Threatens Young Thug Over Lil Wayne And Things Get Ugly Fast

The two rappers trade insults on Instagram.

Things are not well between Lil Wayne and Young Thug, and now the Game has gotten himself involved in the feud.

Weezy took offense when Young Thug attempted to name his recent mixtape Carter 6 -- he was eventually forced to re-name it Barter 6 instead -- and even his loyal fans in New Orleans gave Thug a less-than-warm welcome during a local concert. And they aren't the only ones who are upset on Wayne's behalf.

During a recent show, Game decided to fire off a few words at the ATL rapper. "My n---a Tune ain’t never been Hollywood, he’s just Hollygrove," Game barked. "Anybody f--kin’ with Tune got a problem with me. I will f--k Young Thug up."

The L.A. rapper also dropped a gang reference in his threat, unfortunately, and Thug was quick to retaliate.

In a video posted on his Instagram account on Wednesday (May 6), the Rich Gang rapper returned the harsh words by poking fun at Game's past as a reported stripper, and again, made the unfortunate decision to have a friend wave a gun in the background after making more gang references.

He capped the threat off with, "You know that I'm in L.A. more than Arnold Schwarzenegger and he's the governor, f--k n---a." (Side note: Arnold is no longer governor of California).

Needless to say, Game was not amused. Less than 20 minutes after Thug's video hit Instagram, he dropped one of his own, with some more disparaging language.

"You paint your nails like a f--king girl. You call your n--as 'bae' and you're a h-e ass n---a," Game said calmly, while lying in bed. "Keep f--king around and n----s gon' drive by that nail shop and light that motherf----r up."

Although tensions are high at the moment, we certainly hope that none of this goes further than Instagram. And we hope that they can work things out without further gang references or sexual bias.