This Guy Got A Tattoo Of Drake As Bart Simpson

And who can really blame him?

What does Drake look like as Bart Simpson?

Now we know, and it's an image that's forever immortalized on one brave/lucky/brilliant/unfortunate man's skin.

Tattoo artist Franz Stefanik, who works at The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop in Toronto, inked a Drizzy/Bart mash-up on one patron.

Stefanik recently launched a Get What You Get campaign, according to Complex, where he put a number of sketches in a vending machine, and has customers let what they get from the machine decide their tattoo fate.

Last week, he posted a few sketches on Instagram.

Did you spot that Aubrey Simpson one up top? Here's a closer look.

From there, though, someone decided not to allow fate to guide their skin's future. Instead, the guy who got this tat seems to have seen the sketch and liked it so much that he asked for it -- no need for the vending machine this time.

It's no Drake forehead tattoo -- but that's probably a good thing.

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