Joshua Jackson Explains Pacey-Con 'Funny Or Die' Video

'It was time to remind the world of the greatest character in TV history,' the former 'Dawson's Creek' star jokes to MTV News of Comic-Con also-ran.

Among the many big, breaking headlines to come out of Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend, perhaps the most bizarre was Joshua Jackson holding his own convention, mere feet away from the actual Con. The aptly titled Pacey-Con was devoted to fans of his beloved character, Pacey Witter, and all things "Dawson's Creek."

In a phone call on Tuesday (July 27) with MTV News -- the same day his video documenting the event went live on on Funny or Die -- the [article id="1639733"]"Fringe" star[/article] chatted about the making of Pacey-Con.

"Well, it came about because I just thought it was time to remind the world of the greatest character in TV history," Jackson joked. "The original concept was, you know, actors are always trying to run away from characters they've had in their past. Well, I wanted to do the video that was the exact opposite."

While Jackson's affection for his character is clear from watching the Funny or Die clip, Pacey fans will quickly notice that Jackson even brought back Pacey's famous bowling shirt.

"Sadly, it's a replacement bowling shirt," he admitted. "We couldn't find any of the original Pacey stuff and I don't quite have the right hair anymore to go with the Caesar bowl cut from season one, possibly the most embarrassing haircut put on national television."

For any fans that doubted the authenticity of this gathering, the actor revealed that the Pacey-Con fan fiction was the real deal, written by real "Dawson's" fans. Unfortunately, Comic-Con security wasn't necessarily convinced: Jackson was thrown out of the San Diego event.

"The security guards who threw me out of the actual Comic-Con were not big 'Dawson's Creek' fans. ... We only showed it once, but I actually got thrown out twice," he said. "They were not having it at all. If you don't have a pass, there's no love."

There was lots of love, however, from Comic-Con visitors. "The whole scenario was strange, and I have to say I was dually impressed because I can't imagine a crowd that was less likely to be 'Dawson's Creek' fans than the Comic-Con crowd, but they went along with it," he explained.

So, will we see more Pacey-Cons in the future?

"Absolutely! Bigger and better! Can't stop it now. It's a force that cannot be denied. It might not be true, but let me live with my illusion," he laughed, adding, "If I see a Jen-Con 2011, it's on! We'll have to do a Con-off. We'll have to do competing Cons!" he joked about a convention dedicated to the character played by Hollywood actress Michelle Williams.

Now that we've seen Jackson in his full Pacey wardrobe again, it leaves us wondering if a "Dawson's Creek" reunion is in the works.

"I think I'm just going to start the rumor because ["DC" director] Kevin Williamson was actually there, so the rumor should be that we were actually there plotting the 2011 revival of 'DC,' " he joked. "Pacey's done his time, though. I want first billing! I'm done with this 'Dawson's Creek' bullsh--."

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