Justin Bieber Posts This Snuggly Picture With Selena Then, Of Course, Deletes It

We seriously can't even keep track anymore.

The are-they-aren't-they Jelena cat-and-mouse relationship game just keeps rolling on. Four days after Selena Gomez posted a mysterious tweet that made it seem like her latest re-re-re-boot with Justin Bieber had been kicked to the curb, JB made us question everything again on Sunday with an undated sexy B&W selfie in which Selena is hugging him from behind and kissing his shoulder.



Was it taken on Sunday? Does it mean they're back together? Did he get bitten by a snake and need the venom sucked out? Was this the real final kiss goodbye? Is Justin just messing with us and posting an old picture to get attention?

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We ask all these questions because late last week Selena unfollowed Justin on Instagram and posted the following cryptic quote.

And also because in the other two pictures he posted on Sunday, Justin was chilling on the couch and tooling around on his four-wheeler.

And here he is enjoying a beautiful beach sunset in Hyperlapse... by himself.