Justin Bieber Gets Romantic In 'Mistletoe' Teaser

Teen superstar gets close to his female co-star in preview of Christmas-themed clip.

Less than a week until Justin Bieber's single [article id="1672082"]"Mistletoe"[/article] is officially released the pop star is treating fans to a little behind-the-scenes video of the [article id="1671721"]Christmas-themed clip[/article].

In the just-released teaser video, a crowd of screaming fans look hyped while Bieber shoots with director Roman White. In one scene, Justin stands in the middle of the street as snow falls around him; the street and trees are decorated with Christmas lights.

Later in the preview, Bieber goofs around with his female co-star. "We are in the holiday spirit," the pop star says. "I'm really excited. [The song is] really catchy. I know all my fans are going to love it. It's something that I feel like they're going to be singing every Christmas."

While there's no official release date yet for the video, it was shot last month (the single drops on Monday). And the teen star seemed excited to shoot with White, who worked with him on the "One Less Lonely Girl" video. "We came back, we're on [video number] two," Bieber says about White. "It's been a fun night and he's really funny. He's always cracking jokes."

Apart from peeks at Bieber being his goofy self and holding impromptu Christmas-themed sing-along's with his fans, the teaser video is full of hints about what to expect from the video, including lots of romance between Bieber and his female lead. The pair dance, snuggle and even kiss. But, Bieber notes, the video is really all about his fans.

"It was getting near the holiday season and I hadn't put out an album in a while, so I was thinking, you know, I had a lot of ideas and I thought maybe I could write a few Christmas songs," he explains. "So I was like, 'Hey let's do a Christmas album.' And I was able to put together a cool Christmas album for all my fans."

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